“She is an incredible listener and it always feels very special to talk to her. It is through conversations with Marcia that I was able to find myself and get on the right career track. She inspired me and assured me that I will be successful in what I do, if I put all my energy into it.” 


“Marcia and I are still in contact today and I am always happy when we have the opportunity to talk. I can truly say that she had, still has an enormous influence in my personal but also professional development. Without her, I would not be the same person I am and would certainly not do what I am allowed to do today... trying to make the world a better place.”


“I count myself fortunate to be among the individuals that she’s decided to share her insight with. Feel free to contact me by e­mail at contact@nicobryan.com if additional information is required.”


“Under Marcia’s direction I have gained invaluable legal experience, research and negotiation skills. She has guided my professional development and is one [of] the most trusted and respected colleagues.”


“I noticed a certain “can do” attitude about her that gave me the assurance and confidence that I could handle the rigors of law school and succeed.”


“She has played a fundamental role in shaping my career path over the years and continues to do so by providing me support…”


“Marcia has the uncanny ability to make her interactions personal and unique to the individual. She is able to quickly discern a person’s strength and weaknesses by actively listening, engaging in thought provoking discussions, and offering new and fresh perspectives that are based upon her experience and insights she gathered from the person.”


“Every now and then you meet people who catalyze the best in ourselves. Marcia is one of those people.”

yerusha donaldson, esq.