Thinking of Getting Married- This Page was designed especially for you

You should choose to know before you say “I Do”.

A decision of a lifetime is worth taking the time to consider and ask the necessary questions.   Give yourself the gift of:


-Affirmation; and


Sign-up for my one month session designed just for you and yours.


The Sessions

I have developed a questionnaire for couples to take separately and independently, which will be followed by four 60 minutes sessions.  With your responses to the questionnaire, I will guide you through conversations that will help you make decisions about your Path.  My approach is simple and straightforward.


You can experience my coaching style and techniques:


Via Phone; and/or

Over Skype.

Get Started

Click my contact information and send me a message.  I will provide you with more information about my Life Coaching style, techniques, etc., and my desire to help you along your Relationship Journey. 

As always, my sessions with you remain confidential - meaning I will not share with anyone.