Make a positive difference in your life and the life of others;

Apply yourself so that your aptitude/abilities will appreciate;

Respect yourself and others.

Create a life path of

Independence as you embrace your individuality and work to

Achieve your goals so that your dreams can become your reality.



I have expanded my career portfolio into the area of life coaching, and continue to extend my network and impact globally.  For over twenty years, I have mentored children, young people, and adults from all across the globe.  From these experiences I decided that life coaching, which goes beyond mentoring, is an area that is compatible with my expertise and passion.

Since 1996, I have practiced environmental law. I enjoy my practice and the contributions my work makes to people and the environment.  My practice of law is supported by my knowledge of the natural sciences, economics and finance and international business transactions.  As I continue to make positive differences to the natural environment, I genuinely want to help young people identify and operate from their 'best self', so as a certified life coach I

"help young professionals and graduate students to create a space where they can think, grow, increase their worth, and ..." 



For over forty years I have known my husband; we remain friends, and still laugh at each other’s jokes! We have been blessed with two children who are giving and helpful to others, and who have made positive life choices for themselves and community. I am happy to share that I get along with people of all cultures and see the world as my home. Beyond my family, my mantra provides added texture to the person I am.



I love to travel, see the world and engage with people and different cultures.  I have great joy when I share these experiences, especially with my daughter, son and/or husband.  I enjoy very much decorating my home, cooking, baking, entertaining and watching period films with my daughter.  Also, I have always had a great appreciation for classical music, books and fabric!!

Joie de vivre, Paris!

BFF in Sydney.